Precisis AG, together with the Department of Microsystems Engineering at the Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburg and the Epilepsy Centre at the Freiburg University Clinic, has initiated a new research project for the targeted treatment of functional cerebral diseases: PIMIDES. The syndicate has been chosen by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) from more than 80 applicants as one of the few promising project groups in the field of “Individualised medical technology.” This means that it will profit from substantial subsidies over the next three years.

Growing demand for EEG-triggered method of treatment

Precisis AG has been developing an easy-to-use stimulation device for the targeted therapy of functional cerebral diseases since 2014. Patients who suffer from focal seizures are taking part in a first clinical trial. However, more and more people are expressing their wish for an easy-to-use, EEG-triggered method of treatment because as yet, there has been no minimally invasive procedure for carrying out a therapy within a specific period of time that is tailored to the individual needs of patients.

PIMIDES – more effective and less stress for patients

The PIMIDES research project is concerned with transmitting therapeutic stimulations that have been customised for the individual patient into the brain following the evaluation of the corresponding EEG signals using a highly-specific algorithm. False stimulations can be avoided and the efficacy of the therapy can be improved in this way. The PIMIDES device is elegantly positioned at an inconspicuous part of the body, just like its predecessor EASEE®, namely directly under the skin. One crucial benefit for patients is the fact that the stimulation takes place through the skull, so that the cranium does not have to be opened when implanting the device. This makes the procedure much less stressful than conventional procedures for the people affected.

“Our origins lie in neurosurgery, our incentive is individualised medical technology. As an innovative company, we have set ourselves the goal of making the treatment of functional cerebral diseases more and more effective using intelligent systems. Epilepsy is just one of several conceivable fields of use. We are expecting greater success in the treatment of serious psychiatric indications and cognitive disabilities in particular over the next few years thanks to adapted stimulation methods“, is how the CEO Dr. med. Angela Liedler describes the mandate for action of Precisis AG.

BMBF support confirms the great potential of PIMIDES

The innovative research project of the syndicate – whose members are the Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburg, Freiburg University Clinic and Precisis AG – has now been recognised by the BMBF, too. Out of more than 80 applicants, it is one of the few promising projects chosen from the field of individualised medical technology and can further extend its research over the next three years with a joint subsidy of more than 2.2 million euros. Concerning this matter, the latest BMBF appeal emphasises that the national strategy process “Innovations in medical technology” identified individualised medicine as one of those future fields that is expected to harbour great potential for the improvement of health care. The financing directive “Individualised medical technology” gives innovators in the medical technology sector independent access to this.

About Precisis AG

Precisis AG was founded in 2004 and is a company that specialises in the development of innovative medical products with a registered office in Heidelberg.

Precisis AG stands for outstanding successes in the field of therapies for the brain that are controlled by apparatuses We feel under an obligation to progress and develop individualised, highly-qualified medical technology for highly precise surgery on humans as an innovative provider of solutions in the field of neurosurgery, radiotherapy and stereotaxy – to make life easier for doctors and patients. The software and hardware from our company is used in both the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and in cancer therapy. The further development of brain stimulation has also opened up new possibilities for us in the treatment of diseases such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s dementia or major depression. An ethical and responsible approach to the complex technical possibilities is deeply rooted in our employees’ identity. In cooperation with some strong partners, we are therefore able to provide reliable, individualised and well-tolerated solutions for people with functional cerebral diseases.

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