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Precisis Stim
DC-like pulses for neuromodulation
Improving brain function

Precisis develops bioelectronic methods to direct therapeutic currents at defined target areas of the brain. AI-based learning models make it possible to activate or inhibit specific brain cells. Precisis has achieved its greatest success to date with EASEE® in the treatment of epilepsies. EASEE® is used to suppress epileptic seizures. About EASEE®.

The next generation of brain stimulators is designed to aid in the rehabilitation of stroke patients and to relieve severe pain in the facial area.

About the company
EASEE® electrode
Technological innovation

The unique achievement of the Precisis team has been to miniaturise bioelectric pacemakers for the brain and thereby make them so easily tolerable that patients will accept them as an integral part of their body. Not visible externally, the thin electrodes lend consistent support to our patient as though they were a natural means of protection against transmission malfunction in the brain.

Our core competencies

Stimulation with EASEE® is a pioneering procedure that employs subcutaneous electrodes that are situated outside the cranium.

EASEE® System
EASEE® System
EASEE® System
Employees Precisis GmbH
Unique personalities to ensure success

The Precisis team is made up of extraordinarily diverse personalities: they may be cautious, adventurous, scholarly, well-spoken, quiet or outspoken individuals, both world travellers and homebodies, some highly experienced and others still quite young. However, they all share one thing: each team member is the very best person for their respective position.

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