Heidelberg, July 1, 2024

PRECISIS Unveils its Brain Pacemaker EASEE® III with Extended Three-Years Battery Life

Heidelberg, 01.07.2024 – From the heart of Heidelberg, PRECISIS, a leader in neuromodulation, proudly announces a significant leap in epilepsy treatment with the launch of EASEE® III. This advanced brain pacemaker, featuring an extended three-years battery life, is now available for order, setting a new benchmark in epilepsy patients´ care and treatment efficacy.

EASEE® III represents a major advancement in neuromodulation technology. With a battery life of at least three years, it drastically reduces the frequency of surgical interventions, providing patients with a more seamless and less intrusive treatment experience. This innovation from Heidelberg promises to enhance the quality of life for countless individuals and establishes a new standard in controlling epileptic seizures.

Key Features of EASEE® III:

  • Exceptional Efficacy in patients suffering from drug-resistant focal epilepsies
  • Extended Battery Life: A notable minimum of three years, marking a significant milestone in patient care by minimizing the need for frequent generator replacements and interventions.
  • Advanced Programming: To fully leverage the capabilities of EASEE® III, the new EASEE® SET programming tablet is required. PRECISIS will offer comprehensive guidance on integrating this advanced technology.

Pedro Marques, Chief Commercial Officer Precisis, says: "The launch of EASEE® III is a cutting-edge milestone in our mission to enhance the quality of life for our patients with epilepsy. This innovative brain pacemaker not only signifies the next step into the future of epilepsy treatment but also significantly improves the patients´ outcome. By delivering an advanced and reliable platform, we are grateful that we have found a way to support our patients comprehensively throughout their treatment journey."

Based in Heidelberg, PRECISIS GmbH is dedicated to developing groundbreaking neurostimulation devices aimed at improving the lives of individuals with functional brain disorders. The introduction of EASEE® III underscores this commitment and represents a significant advancement in the field of neuromodulation, paving the way for future innovations.

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