Heidelberg, June 11, 2024

Precisis has introduced EASEE® to Portugal in collaboration with Pagaimo Medical

Heidelberg, 11.06.2024 – Precisis GmbH, a leading company in medical technology, has introduced EASEE®, a groundbreaking brain pacemaker for drug-resistant epilepsies, in Portugal in partnership with Pagaimo Medical.

In Portugal, over 60,000 people suffer from focal epilepsies, with approximately 30% being drug-resistant. This advanced system uses high-frequency and direct-current-like pulses to regulate brain activity and reduce seizures. EASEE® thus offers a crucial innovative treatment option for individuals with drug-resistant focal epilepsies.

Clinical results show a responder rate of 53% after 6 months of stimulation, which improves with prolonged use. EASEE® is available to epilepsy patients aged 18 and over with drug-resistant focal epilepsies, expanding their treatment options.

Precisis is excited to collaborate with Pagaimo Medical, renowned neurostimulation experts in Portugal, to jointly enhance the availability of EASEE® nationwide.

The development of neurostimulation devices to improve the quality of life for people with functional brain disorders is the focus of Precisis GmbH, based in Heidelberg. The introduction of EASEE® in Portugal represents a significant advancement in this mission.


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