Subcutaneous Electrode


The innovative arrangement of the electrodes enables a deep and focussed stimulation of the brain, without actually touching it.

So-called Laplacian electrodes generate fields and current flows vertical to the plane on which they are arranged.
The EASEE® System has adapted the Laplace concept by replacing the outer, ring-shaped electrode with four individual electrodes. This novel configuration means the system can respond to spatially varying impedances. As a result, it is possible to achieve a penetration depth comparable to that of more invasive procedures and to deliver therapeutically significant current densities to the brain.

Just under the scalp

The EASEE® electrode is unique not only in its technical and electrical properties, but also in its physical location. The thin electrode mat is simply placed under the scalp in a procedure that is associated with fewer risks than for other stimulation methods. The electrode is both invisible from the outside and goes unnoticed by the user.

Novel method

About a third of all epilepsy patients cannot be adequately treated despite the many medicinal options available. These patients in particular rely on innovative treatment options. Precicis AG is currently developing a novel transcranial stimulation method for the treatment of epilepsy. This method is easy to apply, very precise and individualisable, to meet the needs of each patient.