Who we are

Precisis AG as an innovative solutions provider

Precisis AG was founded in 2004 and is a company based in Heidelberg that specialises in the development of innovative medical products. We strive to continuously improve therapies for chronic neurological conditions.

As an innovative provider of solutions in the field of neurosurgery, radiotherapy and stereotaxy, we focus on individualised, highly-qualified medical technology products for precise application in humans – to make life easier for both doctors and patients.

In co-operation with renowned scientists, surgeons and research institutions, we have developed a novel method of individualised, focussed, transcranial stimulation. EASEE® opens new possibilities in the treatment of diseases, such as epilepsy, stroke or major depression.

An ethical and responsible approach to these complex technologies is deeply rooted in our company culture. Together with our partners, we are able to provide reliable and individualised solutions for people with functional cerebral diseases.

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