What is EASEE®?

Innovation in the treatment of epilepsy

Our team of doctors, medical physicists, biologists, engineers and IT developers have succeeded in developing a worldwide new method for superficial brain stimulation. The goal of EASEE® is to make life easier for people living with functional cerebral diseases, such as epilepsy.
Epilepsy affects people of all ages

Epilepsy is often accompanied by symptoms such as impaired consciousness and epileptic fits, also called Grand Mal attacks. These epileptic fits may be caused by a number of things and always place a great strain on the affected person.

What if medication alone doesn’t help?

Current treatment methods are mainly medication (anti-epileptic drugs) or neurosurgery. However, a number of patients suffering from focal seizures do not succeed in gaining sufficient control of their epilepsy with medication alone. For many of these patients brain surgery is also not an option.

How can EASEE® help?

This innovative method of transcranial, focussed brain stimulation offers a new possibility to treat focal seizures and to have a favourable effect on the course of the disease.

E picranial (outside the cranium)
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S timulation
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E pilepsy

Making life with epilepsy easier

EASEE® does not interfere with daily life in any way. Whether it is playing sports, swimming or a visit to the sauna – all of these activities are possible with EASEE®. The stimulation will continue in the background, unnoticed by the patient.

Easy to place, easy to use, easy to individualise – the product launch of EASEE® will herald a new era in the treatment of epilepsy.