Profit from progress

After years of preparation, the EASEE® brain stimulation device has successfully completed its pre-clinical test phase. The EASEE® II clinical trial is now underway to confirm the principle of neuromodulation for the treatment of focal epilepsy.

Research into the transcranial electrical stimulation of the brain has led to some decisive insights, opening up new types of therapy to treat those neurological and psychiatric diseases for which a modulation of the cerebral cortex's excitability is crucial.

Already in 2006, Dr. Felipe Fregni from Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital discovered that the typical epileptic patterns in the brain of drug-resistant epilepsy patients could be reduced significantly by a 20-minute stimulation session with 1 milliampere. Our experts have used this knowledge and in collaboration with reference centres and scientific research groups have turned it into a tangible medical product.

The clinical phase has now begun

The safety and efficacy of the EASEE® System are currently being evaluated in the EASEE II clinical trial, which is already running at five European centres. Are you also interested in taking part in a clinical trial with the EASEE® System? If so, simply contact Precisis AG, using the contact form to the right.

Is EASEE® the right choice for me?

The EASEE® System is suitable for people suffering from focal seizures, where medication alone is either inadequate or no longer provides relief and brain surgery is out of the question. Please download the informational flyer for further information. Do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions.


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