Improved quality of life with customised medical technology

EASEE® technology is designed to help in cases where drugs alone cannot adequately treat epilepsy patients. The thin electrode mat is positioned at the exact location of the patient's epileptogenic focus – directly under the scalp. The stimulation parameters can be configured to suit the patient's individual needs. EASEE® is designed to reduce the frequency of seizures with targeted current pulses.

Relief has a name: EASEE®

  • Epicranial (outside the bone)

  • Application of

  • Stimulation-

  • Electrodes for the treatment of

  • Epilepsy

The platelet electrodes in detail

    A ring-shaped configuration of outer electrodes around a circular internal electrode is known as a Laplacian electrode. This allows fields and current flows to be generated perpendicular to the configuration plane. In the EASEE® system the outer, ring-shaped electrode is replaced with several individual electrodes to adjust the configuration of the resulting electrical field to spatially varied resistances.

One system, two effects

The stimulating effect depends on the polarity of the central electrodes in the centre of the pouch. As a positive pole, it stimulates, which is useful in the treatment of severe depression, for instance, while as a negative pole it has an inhibitory effect, which is used in the treatment of epilepsy patients.The attending doctor adjusts the stimulation mode for each individual patient with a programming system. The system is carefully protected from external manipulation attempts.

Individual all your life

EASEE® is a machine learning system, thanks to digital networking. The stimulation parameters can be adjusted to the patient's individual needs, depending on the course of the illness and individual changes.

More information on how the EASEE® system works and its implementation: