EASEE® ‒ simple

Cortical brain stimulation is an easy-to-use and low risk form of stimulation treatment. The aim is to stabilise the diseased areas of the brain with electrical impulses. Unlike other stimulation procedures in the brain, EASEE® does not require neurosurgery or complex interventions. The EASEE® electrodes are positioned under the skin using a minimally invasive approach, and are very easy to remove if the need arises.

EASEE® ‒ discrete

A total of five platelets in the form of a thin mat are positioned directly under the scalp over whichever part of the brain is diseased – they do not touch the skull or brain at all. An elastic cable runs from under the skin to a titanium sleeve with an impulse emitter and a lithium battery, positioned on the pectoral muscle. The current device life is up to five years.

EASEE® ‒ flexible

The central electrode in the centre can work either as an anode or cathode – depending on whether stimulation or inhibition is required. It emits electrical pulses to the brain tissue; these are then focused by the four surrounding electrodes. The impulse emitter feeds the electrodes individually with the specified intensity and rhythm.

EASEE® ‒ innovative

EASEE® emits impulses for about 20 minutes a day. The impulses stabilise the over-reactive areas of the brain in epilepsy patients. This can reduce the incidence of further seizures, with a lasting effect. EASEE® is controlled externally by the attending neurologist using a programming device. The patient can also trigger an electrical impulse using a remote control device.

EASEE® ‒ unique

The development of the EASEE® system marks the successful culmination of expertise. This is knowledge that extends the current medical treatment options and can relieve symptoms for many patients. The EASEE® method and the platelet electrodes themselves set new milestones in the customised stimulation treatment of the brain.