The first short-term trial EASEE IB with outpatients at three selected epilepsy centres nationwide showed a good function and tolerability of the EASEE® stimulation. A total of 12 patients wore the EASEE® platelet electrodes on their scalp for a 20-minute stimulation session. The innovative system of focussed stimulation worked well.

A clinical effect in the sense of an efficacy could not be determined in the EASEE IB trial for methodical reasons. The so-called permanent neuromodulation (stabilisation of diseased parts of the brain) as a principle of action on which the EASEE® System is based only becomes apparent a few months after the platelet electrodes have been implanted. It is this long-term effect that is expected to lead to a significant reduction in the frequency and severity of seizures. The first-in-human clinical trial with epilepsy patients that is to begin in late 2018 is expected to confirm this hypothesis.