Clinical Studies


The second clinical study with the EASEE® System is currently running at selected European study centers under the leadership of Prof. Schulze-Bonhage from the Freiburg University Hospital. The aim is to observe the effect of stimulation on the frequency and severity of seizures and on the quality of life of the study participants.

The acronym PIMIDES stands for Patient-Individualized Modulation and Intervention by Directed Epicranial Stimulation.

In this study patients have the option of triggering stimulation, when they perceive the onset of a seizure. The aim is to investigate whether targeted stimulation can prevent or mitigate seizures. The targeted stimulation mode runs in addition to the automatic stimulation mode, which is responsible for longer term modulation of brain networks.

Are you interested in participating in the PIMIDES I study with the EASEE® System? Please contact Precisis AG.


The first ever implantatation of the EASEE® System for the treatment of focal epilepsy took place in 2019 as part of the EASEE II clinical study. More than a dozen implantations were completed in five European epilepsy centers and showed that the stimulation was very well tolerated. In addition to safety aspects, the study also explored effects on epileptic seizures and quality of life of study participants. Initial trends suggest that this innovative method of minimally invasive brain stimulation may offer a new therapy option for the treatment of focal epilepsy.