EASEE® to use

Individualised medical technology can help achieve a better quality of life

Brain stimulation using individualised current pulses appears to be a promising new method for stabilising diseased brain areas and improving the lives of many patients.
Easy to place, easy to use, easy to individualise – find out how EASEE® works:
Easy to place

EASEE® is an easy to implement and low-risk type of brain stimulation treatment for seizure disorders. Unlike other stimulation techniques, this epilepsy therapy can be installed without the need for invasive neurosurgical procedures and complex surgeries.

Individualised, focussed stimulation

The thin electrode mat is placed on the cranium,
above the affected brain area.

Cranium remains intact

It is a minimally invasive procedure, ensuring
that the cranium remains intact.

Pulse generator controls stimulation

The pulse generator sits in the chest, connected
to the electrode mat via a flexible cable.

Invisible from the outside

The complete EASEE® System works invisible for
outsiders, hidden under the skin.

Easy to use

EASEE® sends electrical signals to the site in the brain where epileptic seizures originate for about 20 minutes throughout the day. The individually adjustable current pulses are designed to interrupt emerging focal seizures and to stabilise the brain over time via a neuromodulatory effect. The stimulation is not noticeable for the patient.

Easy to individualise

EASEE® is a learning system. The current pulses can be adapted to the needs of each patient based on the course of the disease. Furthermore, individual changes in the stimulation parameters can be made at any time in order to optimally relieve the epileptic symptoms.

The attending neurologist can easily interact with the implanted EASEE® System using a custom-made programming device. The patient can also communicate with the implanted system using a handheld device.