EASEE® electrode

The EASEE® electrode in detail

What is unique about the EASEE® System is the thin electrode mat with its five platelet electrodes. The innovative arrangement of the electrodes ensures a deep and focussed stimulation of the brain – without actually touching it.

After years of research and development in the field of epilepsy, our team has come up with a new way of treating seizure disorders. So-called Laplacian electrodes generate fields and current flows vertical to the plane on which they are arranged, thus directing the stimulation downwards.

The EASEE® System has adapted the Laplace concept by replacing the outer, ring-shaped electrode with four individual electrodes. This novel configuration makes it possible for the system to respond to spatially varying impedances, aligning the electrical field to optimally reach the epileptic focus i.e. the place in the brain that is the source of the epileptic seizures.

Utilizing the Laplacian concept also means that the stimulation is able to penetrate deeper than for example a more conventional bipolar electrode configuration. This is especially important in reaching the diseased parts of the wearer’s brain, while remaining on the surface of the cranium.

Over time, EASEE® reduces the excitability of the brain by stabilising the neural networks, a phenomenon known as neuromodulation. The ultimate goal is to bring about a meaningful reduction in the number of seizures and to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from epilepsy.