Expertise and precision for a world-first

Our team of doctors, medical physicists, biologists, engineers and IT developers has developed a world-first, novel method for cortical brain stimulation. EASEE® is designed to make life easier for people with functional brain disease, such as epilepsy.

Easy to use, easy to position, individually controllable – with the launch of EASEE®, the treatment of epilepsy is entering a new era.

Easy solution as a guideline for the development

Our product development was preceded by one question: how can we make life easier for drug-resistant patients with focal epilepsy? Brain stimulation as a form of therapy was, until that point, a method used in scientific laboratories, e.g. with the aid of sponges on the head or a type of "headphones". Plasters were also considered. However, these forms of brain stimulation are obstructive in real life.

The EASEE® principle eliminates any external restriction in daily life. Doing sport, going swimming, showering – you can do all this with EASEE® without having to compromise on the safety and reliability of the stimulation. Long-term brain stimulation with customised electrical impulses therefore seems to be the most reliable method currently available to stabilise the diseased area of the brain.

Initial studies to confirm function and tolerance

EASEE® has not yet been launched, and the product is currently in the clinical trials phase. The studies in animals, healthy volunteers and the short-term tests on the skin surface with epilepsy patients have all been completed successfully.

These have all confirmed our conviction: EASEE® is a groundbreaking innovation in long-term therapeutic neuromodulation.

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