Stimulation treatment for epilepsy patients

Precisis AG sees itself as a technological development company addressing complex disease patterns in the brain. The idea of a highly effective, minimally invasive medical technology treatment for epilepsy was, until a few years ago, a pipeline dream. The innovation of EASEE® will, however, change this.

The diseased part of the brain can be directly activated with the deep simulation of the EASEE® electrodes. The globally renowned procedure of transcranial, focused stimulation should make life easier than ever for epilepsy patients who do not respond to drugs alone.

One principle, many application opportunities

The customised medical technology of the EASEE® procedure is a pioneering approach. It is to be used in future in other functional brain diseases. As an example, EASEE® could shorten the rehabilitation phase in stroke patients and could help those with severe depression to better manage their day-to-day lives.

Benefit from progress

f as a patient with therapy-resistant focal epilepsy you are interested in taking part in the clinical trial for the authorisation of the EASEE® system, please contact us. We can then tell you where your nearest trial site is, where you can find out more information and if applicable can be screened to find out if you meet the inclusion criteria.